2017 Election Year Campaign

It’s that time again…

Once again, as citizens of this great place, we get to have a say in how our country is run and who we want to be in charge of the political power.

We all work in this sector for a bunch of reasons, but lots of them are probably to do with wanting to strengthen our communities and believing that looking after our resources is part of doing that. We are encouraging our members to get involved this election by contacting their local candidates, finding out where they stand on issues relating to community recycling and encouraging them to support the policies we think would make a real difference to how waste and resources are dealt with in this country. To help you with that we’ve written a letter that you can use in your approach to local people. It’s a letter that you can format and edit to include your own details and ideas. Or you can use the ready-to-go PDF version.

Happy election campaigning people!

Word version: TEMPLATE_Election Candidate letter

PDF version: 2017 Election