A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

August already….

Hui time is hurtling towards us at a rate of knots!

The planning has been underway for the last few months. The team here at Wanaka Wastebusters have been given the opportunity to organise the Hui this year under the guidance of the CRN Exec.

Check out the Hui page for the rundown of the what’s who’s when’s how’s and where’s.

You can register online, or email the Hui Team (hui@communityrecyclers.org.nz) with any questions you may have.

Tapu te Ranga Marae. Photo credit: Tapu te Ranga website

The Tapu Te Ranga Marae , Island Bay, Wellington, has been booked for the 1st-3rd November 2011 for the 3rd Hui running.
I read on the Marae website that Tapu Te Ranga Marae is committed to the spirit Manakitanga (hosting, sharing, respecting others).
It’s natural organic environment – native birdsong, native trees, rocks and art all contributing to the ambiance that inspires the sharing and learning space that is ideal for the CRN Hui.

Two exciting keynote speakers have been confirmed, workshops and seminars are being planned, the itinerary almost finalised.

We realise that with conferences like this, one of the major draws is the chance to network, socialise, meet like minded people, and build new friendships. It’s not all seminars and workshops.

On the Wednesday evening there will be ‘Dress For Dinner’. A chance to dust off your best recycled shinery refinery, followed by the opportunity to join a couple of members of the ‘FuNkY JuNK’ recycle band‘ for a workshop of recycled musical magic.
In their words, Funky Junk is about:  “Promoting resourcefulness, creativity and waste-awareness, we entertain and educate through our community workshops and bootie shaking beats!”

If this isn’t your scene, don’t worry, there are ample gardens and space to get away from it all, go for a walk, stretch your legs, take a moment to digest all thats going on.

We have put a shout out for anyone interested in being a facilitator for the 2nd day (facilitator training will be given to anyone who thinks they have the skills needed).

This year the Hui is being opened up to people from all levels within the CRN member sites, not just management, also to other non member groups, council and MfE staff and also to other distinguished guests that could learn, share, contribute and benefit from the Hui.

There is still three months to go, but the way this year is speeding past, it will be here quicker than you can say CRN.
Its best to register now and sit back and relax and wait for the date to arrive.

On the subject of community,  I went to a talk about community enterprise this week by Sue Coutts.

It made me feel very proud of the work we do, of the work all the Community recyclers do throughout NZ.

A couple of Whisky barrel houses in the Findhorn eco-village community (photo credit: jenniferhr.wordpress.com)

Growing up in the Findhorn Foundation eco-village community in north east Scotland, both on Erraid (a small island community on the West Coast of Scotland), and the Park, Findhorn, community values were instilled into me from an early age.

Supporting our communities and looking after our environment and the people in it is what lies closest to my heart.

With the CRN you know the support is there and that others are out there all aiming for the same goals.

Going to the Hui last year really brought that home to me. It really made me feel part of  the Network, part of the bigger picture.


I hope to see you all there this year.


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